Yesterday I was very excited to receive my new, smaller trash bin. It really is the little things in life. While some may think it is sad for me to get excited over a trash bin, it was a big step in my commitment to waste less and live a more meaningful and simpler life. 

I had noticed in the weeks following my Sweet Babboo’s leaving, I really didn’t have much trash to put out for pickup. Actually hardly any! Not that we had a tremendous amount before, but the difference was noticeable. I had begun recycling the pet food cans and when you only cook 2-3 times a week eating the leftovers on the off days, well my trash had gone down to barely a paper grocery sack full. I know this due to the fact I had stopped using plastic kitchen bags because I never filled them. I realized as I lowered my paper sack of a weeks worth of trash into the cavernous 90 gallon trash bin, I really didn’t need all of this space. 

I went online to see about the smaller bin and was surprised there wasn’t much of a price difference. $14.00/ 90 gallons versus $11.50/ 35 gallons- only a savings of $2.50 per month. Shouldn’t there be a bigger reward for making less trash? Hmm is it worth it? Then I looked at it in terms of $30/ year and yes then it became more substantial. I mean that is a nice dinner out or a movie and dinner, a tank of gas etc. For a poor university student, even the $2.50 per month makes the quick snack I might grab in the upcoming semester because I ran out of time to make something at home more reasonable, so I called. 

The lady on then other end was almost Stepford nice. She cheerily explained the process: they would collect my old bin and drop off the new one on my next trash pickup day. Then she said this: “It holds about a bag and a half. If you find that it is too small and you would like the bigger one again, there is a $10 exchange fee…” I paused, slightly panicked- bigger is better right?-maybe, just in case-the price really wasn’t much different and $10 would certainly eat into my yearly savings… We are conditioned to buy more to save, they even use that exact phrase in advertising and sometimes it makes sense. I had in my moment of panic though neglected the 3 weeks of observation I had put into this decision. I knew the 35 gallon would be plenty, yet my conditioned desire to consume caused me to panic and question my desire to produce less waste. I took a breath, said okay and thus the experiment continues.

As I was getting ready for work yesterday, I saw the truck pull up. I watched from the window as the guy dropped off my new, smaller bin and I must say it is adorable. 


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