Please excuse my ‘resting runner face’ – it is a rest day. 

  Another weekend complete filled with outdoor fun and running. Saturday’s morning run was a scheduled easy 5 that somehow turned out to be rough for me and my run partner. We just weren’t feeling it, but we got it done with a bit of walking and a lot of laughing. Saturday afternoon went far better though, with a hike and trail run. I have really enjoyed getting out in the woods especially this day, since my Sweet Babboo came with me. Ella has enjoyed the trail time as well and is turning into quite the trail whippet!

Saturday: A beautiful, balmy mid-30’s. Ella is the pink dot. Whippets don’t have a lot of fat so they need coats in the winter.

Sunday I was on my own again so I got to sleep in. When I finally rolled out of bed it was snowing! Yesterday it was just me and the geese.

Sunday: A less balmy 16 degrees. The geese didn’t seem to mind.

8.65 miles done and all smiles- plus the sun finally came out!
This run went a lot better since I was able to sleep in and get extra rest. Rest and recovery have always been my biggest challenge and this is at the forefront of my mind since classes start again tomorrow. I have really enjoyed my winter break, yet it never seems long enough. Just as I begin to almost feel like a “normal” person, the chaos begins again. It can be difficult to balance working full time, being a university student taking 6-9 hours, plus running, relationships etc…. It is sometimes a challenge to fit it all in a day.

Well meaning friends (non-runners), have suggested before that maybe I should cut back on my running, that I do too much. I admit that may be.  Running however, is actually the glue that holds it together and makes it all possible. It clears my head and brings focus to my day. While I contemplate the semester starting and my long runs getting ever longer, I know this year will be different. I am confident in my training plan. I am using the 50 mile race plan from the book by Krissy Moehl’s book Running Your First Ultra, which I will review as the months go by. I have also grown as a runner. In the past, I have been too rigid in my need to run regardless of what my body might be telling me. Or I am happily agreeing to extra miles with friends. This year I am not only embracing my rest and recovery days, I am fiercely guarding them as I do my running days. I am honoring my body’s need to recover in direct proportion to the gratitude I have for the running and movement it performs.  Please, do not take offense to my ‘resting runner face’ if you ask me to run with you on a scheduled rest day. The internal battle you see flicker across my face as I politely decline is all too real! I know you didn’t know it was a rest day and believe me I want to run! It is almost impossible for me to say no to a friendly, easy run. I plan this year however, to train harder and smarter so I can run those friendly, easy runs for many happy years to come. 

Happy running!! How do you balance it all?



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