We finally got our first good snow today. The weather forecast called for rain in the morning then turning to snow. Suddenly, all of my run partners were weather weenies and Friday became an impromptu long run morning. Except Friday didn’t work for me.  I stuck to my original plan of Saturday and became excited because, not only did I get to run in the snow this also meant I was able to sleep in! Now don’t get me wrong, none of my run partners are athletic slouches by any means! Their resumes include an Iron Man and national level dressage riding among other things. These ladies do not mess around, but for whatever reason I had the day to myself. With all the excitement of a child, I went to sleep Friday night anticipating the beauty of the next day.

It did not disappoint and I awoke this morning to beautiful, fresh snow. I quickly drank my coffee while answering texts from my run partners cheering me on and asking if I was out yet. Observing that there was already several inches of snow on the ground, I put on my trail shoes and headed out the door. It was a winter wonderland!




8.51 miles done and all smiles!

There are benefits to living in a smaller town. The pockets of quiet beauty were all around me. With soggy feet and a big smile, I ran taking it all in. I was a child again, playing in the magical kingdom of Narnia. You’re never too old to play or experience wonder. 

Happy running! 


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